Ines Zingarelli
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My name is Ines Zingarelli, Inesita in art as I have been renamed by my teacher drawing Rafael Dussan.
I was born in Andria (Italy) where I lived until the age of 28 years, where I have conducted scientific and technical studies, attending first ITIS Andria and then the Faculty of Information Sciences at the University of Bari.
In spite of these choices in life, I have always had a strong passion for all forms of art, especially painting and literature.
Actually I live in Milan, where I work as a computer consultant.
In 2006-2007, I attended the painting studio of artist Gino Gini and Fernanda Fedi.
While in 2007-2008 I attended the school of design Maimeri Artis School held by Rafael Dussan.